Monday, 7 June 2010

Wurzel Love

It's a little staggering to thing that I haven't really done anything worth posting since February. That isn't to say that I've been idle. Rather, my time has been consumed by the finicky process of moving from one country to another. Thankfully, the last of the stuff arrived on Friday, and much of it's already been put away or temporarily ignored.

I had hoped to completed the King of Southwest Music for's 200th Character of the Week. Between this, that, and the other, I've only been able to complete the simplest of line work. Many of the details as well as the entirety of the background are missing. In all probability, this piece will be finished eventually although not in time for deadline which is some time today. Oh well. There are two other bits and pieces I can work on in the meantime - CGHub's latest girl's challenge - very hush hush for now. And then there's Ethnique 2010. Hurray! Art again.

In the meantime, here's the initial line work for King Scrumpy. My own little homage to the Southwest and all things Cider and Wurzelish.

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