Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A new toy is on its way

Working on a spiffy new toy for my website. Have lots of animation and programming to do. But at least here is the background and the process. Still tweaking a few of the background colors.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Whether you hate it or love it, Valentine's Day is here - one of the most sentimental capitalist pushes demanding our attention. While many of us will simply mock the 'lovey dovey' types and wait for the post-holiday chocolate sales, there will be others who've spent big bucks on their significant other. Hey, it's all good. Right?

Well, maybe not. As of 2010, I'm generally of the opinion that Valentine's Day is there to make people feel odd. Single people feel odd and lonely as they watch the sudden influx of 'coupleness' and couples feel obligated to splurge on their loved one. So it seems only proper to usher in 2010's Valentine's Day with DROOL.

Odd One Out - Monster Drool

Also - perhaps more important although it didn't get an image this year - Xin Nian Hao! Many happy returns for the Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger.